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Fashion Trends: Five Beauty and Fashion Trends to Drop in 2017

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Fashion Trends: Five Beauty and Fashion Trends to Drop in 2017


By Katheryn Gumba

“Trendy is the last stage before tacky” -Karl Lagerfeld

“Do not follow trends, start trends” -Frank Capra
Style: Because your personality is not the first thing people see.
2016 was a pivotal year for the fashion industry. It saw some fashion styles and trends that worked, and some that were rather gaudy and unstylish. Regardless of that, however, it has helped shape fashion the way it is today. Unfortunately, as a self-respecting fashionista, you would have to be discerning and overly meticulous about which trends you should bring into the new year and which ones you should drop. After all, you do not want to be sporting yesterday’s style and there is nothing tackier than wearing something that is not only outdated but was considered a style fail in the yesteryear. So, guard yourself against falling prey to 2016’s biggest style flubs and fashion faux pas by reading which style trends you should avoid this year as detailed below.



2016 was all about looking edgy and a bit grungy. Edgy to the point that even if you have barely any idea about the certain band’s name emblazoned on your shirtfront, you just had to wear it because according to some, it was the height of cool. True enough, bands like Iron Maiden, Nirvana, Guns N’ Roses and many others that may have been disbanded or were only relevant in the 90s saw a rise in shirt merchandise last year. Although this was great for the shirt company that endorses it, the same cannot be said for the wearer who would be caught wearing it without the faintest idea of the band. While they may look great paired with your wholesale Coogi pants, it is better to drop this style this 2017 and stick to basic and plain shirts instead.




Kanye West obviously needs to rethink his fashion sense if he thought that his see-through boots are even the least bit stylish. Unfortunately, in this case, people cared more about the brand (which was Yeezy by the way) much more than the style factor of the shoe. In fact, it seemed rather surprising for a pair of boots to be so exorbitantly expensive when they can even barely conceal a bad pedicure. Apart from that, these plastic shoes can get muggy during the summer and rather drafty in the winter. A piece of advice: Just stick to the traditional boots instead.



3.) The Instagram Eyebrow

The year 2016 was the definitive year for the onslaught of women sporting the same eyebrows. In fact, terms like “eyebrows on fleek”, “Instagram Eyebrow” and “Eyebrow Game” were thrown around and everyone knew what it universally meant. Basically, it meant sporting the perfect brows—so perfect that almost every woman who has a certain affinity for makeup has learned to master them. Unfortunately, a degree of perfection can only go so far and there is such a thing as being too perfect and this is one of them. Not only that but these brows are incredibly high-maintenance which means it would require a number of cosmetic products such as a powder, concealer, gel and precise drawing skills in order to perfect. Our pro tip: Ditch the eyebrow beauty regimen and stick to giving your brows just a bit of pencil-lining and trimming. You do not have to look like everyone else just to look fashionable.




2016 was the comeback year of the off-shoulder tops and they were reimagined in innumerable ways possible. Suddenly, everything clothing store had off-shoulder tops ranging from cropped tees to full dresses. As the off-shoulder was getting traction with fashionistas and style icons, it would only be inevitable for the trend to spawn an anomalous version of it. Enter the cold-shoulder tops which looked like they were trying to be two different items of clothing at once: An off-shoulder top as well as a sleeveless top. It might have looked great initially, but looking back, it just looked like you cut holes into your shoulders and ended up with that. This year, either go full off-shoulder or sport a sleeveless blouse, but never both at the same time.




Overly matte lipsticks look great on lips that were pumped with lip injections. On natural ones? Not so much and they only amplify the cracks of your lips. Upon application, they would look great and they do deliver their promise of not having to reapply every hour or so and the best thing about them is that they are mostly kissproof. However, there are major drawbacks such as your lips looking frustratingly dry and cracked as a result. Additionally, should you want to change colors in the middle of the day, you would that it can be stubbornly hard to take off. Though matte lipsticks would always be a trend among cosmetic enthusiasts, remember to switch it up every once in a while this year so as to give your poor puckers a break.

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