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Five Ways to Make A Working Woman’s Outfit Stylish

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Five Ways to Make A Working Woman’s Outfit Stylish

By Katheryn Gumba

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“Create your own style…let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” -Ana Wintour
Being a fashion forward woman in a corporate industry with dress code restraints can pose as an incredible challenge. Before long, it would start to feel as if your stylish tendencies are repressed and your are constrained to wear boring power suits day in and day out without ever getting a reprieve–save for statements. Unfortunately, this is a reality for career-oriented women who would always want to put out their best—including their choice of wardrobe. On downtimes, you may wish to make bold fashion statements, choose more eclectic styles and colors, but from a business perspective, this can be perceived in the wrong way and you certainly do not want to appear unprofessional. However, fret not as even if your fashion travails are fraught with challenges in the corporate world, there are simple and subtle ways to show your inner fashionista without compromising your professionalism. It matters not whether your clothes are largely bought from wholesale clothing stores or retail, the tips below are guarantees that even in your most boring power suit, you can still look stylish and sophisticated.
1.) A Suiting Dress
Before getting anywhere else on this article, it is imperative to know what kind of dress code your company has as this will be the basis for your entire professional ensemble. This will serve as the foundation in putting out the perfect ensemble and making you look your absolute best. Regardless of whether your dress code is strictly a suiting dress or a blouse and a pencil skirt, what you need to do is to know that the dress should compose the two main colors which are black and white. If wearing a dress is your preference, make sure it falls below your knees and if you are wearing a blouse make sure your buttons close all the way.
2.) Stylish Necklace
One way to add instead drama and panache to a boring outfit without calling too much attention is to add a statement piece jewelry such as a stylish necklace. Make sure the necklace is subtle and would appropriately match your blazer and blouse look to complete your professional look. Choose something that is not too loud that it would overwhelm your outfit nor too muted that it would be barely noticeable. A safe bet would be something that is classic and would stand out such as gold or silver.
3.) Silk Scarf
Silk Scarves are what loud hats and accessories would be in the corporate world. However, while hats and loud accessories are usually frowned upon in a professional environment, silk scarves on the other hand are largely welcome. Complete your outfit with a silk scarf draped around your neck and you are guaranteed to look sophisticatedly chic. It is imperative that you choose silk as no other material would give off that subtle elegance like skill does, besides woolen or other fabrics would just look out of place and tacky on a woman’s working outfit.
4.) Smart handbag
Your handbag does not only function as a handy tote to carry around essential items and documents with, it should also serve as a powerful fashion accessory so choosing one that goes with your work ensemble is crucial. Choose one that is roomy enough to fit all of your belongings but not one that would look too at home in a high school classroom. Select one with an appropriate size as choosing a bag too big would overpower your outfit and detract attention away from you and onto your bag instead. Opt for something that looks sleek and professional and would carry all of your necessities as well.
5.) Black pumps
They may not exactly be the most comfortable pair of shoes you can wear, but they certainly give your outfit that complete and finished look. Apart from that, an excellent pair of black pumps would make you stand taller and more erect which does wonders to your confidence. Pumps by themselves are already notorious for beckoning too much attention which is why choosing a subtle and more somber color would be more appropriate in an office setting. Keep in mind that when selecting black pumps, choose design over height and comfort over style. There is not much use for a pair of black pumps which you would end up changing out of by the time you reach your office after all. Select the pair that hits the perfect balance between style and comfort.


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