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Terms of Service


TERMS OF SERVICE is a Kudbrite International website. Kudbrite International is legally registered in Nigeria. This website serves to empower global Nigerians and to inform our online users. We help you to market your innovations or creations, business, products and services in a genuine and decent manner. We have resources to help you kickstart your career, grow your business and to become successful while helping others.

Our members and visitors include creative talents and entrepreneurs who aspire to succeed in life. In order to become a member, you must be real, 18 and above. Any user who is less than 18 would have to seek for the help of parents, guardians or adults to create a profile. Any unauthorized and abusive use of this platform is strictly prohibited. This would automatically lead to the cancellation and deletion of your account.

Here, legitimate businesses are listed and are easily accessible to the public. Business owners and shop owners can list their shops, products, services (and may include their prices).

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We respect your privacy.

Clicking on any third party advertising link on this website is at your own risk.

We don’t accept pornographic or nude pictures and videos.

We don’t accept any defamatory or libelous contents.

All users must respect one another.